More Love Soul Coaching

Clarity, Choice, Empowerment, Love

I'm an Intuitive and Relationship Consultant. I do this because I believe in Love and the power of relationship; to transform us, to take us to our Best Selves. This is

True Love. We are designed to be together, love is our purpose. I believe everyone deserves to receive and to give True Love. I also believe that anything that gets in the way of that can be boiled down to one thing, fear. And any fear can be healed with More Love. That's where I come in.

I am so excited that I've been able to combine my background in business with this whole other side of me; my intuitive feminine side.

As a professional Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Healer for over 30 years I bring to the art of empowerment coaching decades of experience and insight about ourselves, relationships and a special, well developed gift for seeing what you need and what works for you. I get a magical feeling when I know you're on your highest path. I've spent years guiding people to love.

Each of us are as unique as our thumbprint and I empower you based on your uniqueness, the things that make you, You.

It's transforming what we know to create a new foundation, better yet a context. So that when we let go of the old and embrace a more evolved purpose, it transforms us, and then has the power to go the distance. That's why I do this and love what I do.

I founded More Love in response to the tremendous need for 2 things:

Personal Empowerment; to believe in and to love yourself fully, to live a life that feels like Yours, full with the desires that are in your heart. Which leads to-

True Love; to be deeply loved and adored for who you are and to feel the joy of giving that kind of love (the love you've been holding back).

Thank you,

and wishing you More Love

~Wendy Burch