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Career Path Astrology

They say we don't come with instructions-

but we do come with a map!

If you want to make a change you are going to need a compass...

​Some of you are rethinking by necessity or desire your career options.

Some of you are wondering what does all this mean, what is next for me?

So if you have been wondering what your personal astrology says about your career, life path, and purpose, this would be a great time to do some exploring and dive into your Astrology Chart to see what it says about your:




Are you on the best path to fulfill your potential?

What unlocks your earning potential?

What would utilize your interests, talents and natural abilities?

This would be a great way to explore your "wheelhouse"...

Your astrological Wheel that is!

This session covers so much it will be about 90 mins to 2 hours, yes there really is that much to know when it comes to your career and talents!

I will need the exact time of your birth, hopefully off your Birth Certificate.

Best part- I've hugely discounted it for just this time out period!

Career Path Astrology: $250 30% off! Only $177

PS - this will be on Zoom and recorded for your replay and you'll receive a PDF of your Astrology Chart

A transit Reading is a double map, the current placement of the stars laid over your natal chart. So where everything is now, in what areas of your chart they fall, and how it is influencing you and giving you opportunities for growth. It's all about timing and potential. For this reading I look at the most predominant and influential transits of the next year for you in regard to your Career Path.

To know the challenges, opportunities, strengths and clarity you will need, ahead of time, puts you ahead of the curve! It gets you on top of the wave!

The Reading is 90 minutes- 2 hours, recorded on Zoom for your replay and you’ll receive a printable pdf of your Astrological Natal with Transit Chart.

On special for this "time out" only, normally $250 30% off!

Career Path Special

Intuitive Tarot Reading

A great way to begin working with me and to bring more Light and Clarity into your life. This session is your Hour Of Power. Calling on my 35+ years of doing Tarot and Angel Readings, Crystal, Chakra and Energy Healings, I deliver your clear and loving messages from Spirit. The Reading will take a look at your past, present and future energies. 

We can see what is going well or what to build on, where your focus needs to be, what is blocking you, where and how you need to empower yourself. Designed to empower and give you direction your Reading will set you on your path for your highest good.

I believe you know the truth, my job is to help you see it and create it. My Readings are very life affirming and intuitively validating.

Your Intuitive tarot Reading will support you in transforming your life, starting today. Use the above button to book your appointment online or call or email me.

Intuitive Tarot Reading


Summer Eclipse Chart Reading

Currently 20% off in June!

Three eclipses will happen between June 5th and July 4th of 2020. Knowing where they fall in your chart will give you the opportunity to receive the message from your soul plan about what is over, where to grow and what stories in your life are ready to be rewritten.

In these unprecedented times, with much more change to come it time to take advantage of our soul map to help guide us.

They say we don’t come with instructions, but we do come with a map! 

Our astrology chart is our unique map, a soul journey imprint based on the exact time, date and place that we took our first breath. It sets an imprint on our lives that is both unshakable yet ripe with potential. 

Having an astrological reading by a professional astrologer is nothing short of illuminating. A chart reading can guide you to your strengths, unlock your challenges and tap into your potential. 

The reading is 90 minutes, recorded on Zoom for your replay and you’ll receive 3 printable pdfs of your Astrological Natal Charts with the transit of the Eclipses.

Normally $250, now $200 for a limited time.

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

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