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Wendy Burch 

Intuitive Change Consultant

Clarity, Confidence, Change

Soul Essentials Compass

The Course​

​Within you are 5 words that describe you on a Human and a Soul level. 

They are the words you care most about, resonate deeply with, and yet may also have no play in your life. 

There's the problem, and the purpose of this course, of the Soul Essentials Compass. 

When you find all 5 words and place them on your Soul Compass 

through the process I created and will teach you in this course, 

you will understand exactly who you, where you are going, and why you are here. 

The Compass

Your Soul Self got together with your Human Self to design You and your life. 

Your experiences, your lessons, your talents and gifts, how you are meant to grow as a human and a soul in this life, your purpose, and what makes you feel most fulfilled. When you understand these things about yourself you have the kind of clarity that drives meaning and good choices in your life. 

You move forward with confidence and toward your True North.

You also understand what to let go of and where to put your energy for the most impact on your life. 

You can refer to your Compass at anytime throughout your life. When you feel lost, frustrated, or just need the reminder of your True North in everyday life. 

I trust this information to be soul level truth, as I have helped so many discover and create their Soul Compass through their 5 Essential words. 

I trust that you can find and create it too. 

If You Are Ready

If you already have some sense of Self, 

Believe you have a soul connection to life 

Have achieved some personal growth

Need some direction in your life

Are hungry for the next level 

Then maybe you are ready for the Soul Essentials Compass Course.

The Course

** 8 week Group Course

** Fridays at 10am PST

** 60-90 minutes, on Zoom, recorded for your replay. 

** Begins September 10th, ends October 29th.

** 6 Group Classes and 2 private 1:1 sessions

This Course includes 2 1:1 sessions for personal clarity and coaching during the 8 weeks. Discerning your 5 Essential words and then creating your Soul Compass is not as easy as it sounds, so I am offering private 1:1 sessions to support your process, make sure you feel confident and complete.  

To accommodate this there will be 2 weeks where there will be no group class and I will schedule your personal 1:1 sessions with you.  

No group classes will be held on Friday September 24th and October 15th, but you need to be available for a 1:1 session that week.  

Early Bird course fee: $888. 

Must be paid in full by August 27th. Or put your deposit of $200 down by August 27th and pay in full by September 8th. 

*BONUS for Paid in Full: You'll receive your choice of 1 month ( 4, weekly messages) of Special Messages From Spirit or a bonus 45 minute check-in session you can use at anytime in 2021. 

Payments options are available at full price $1044.

Hint: if you are a PayPal user they have the option of 4 payments to them, and I get paid in full. 

Clarity and Confidence: Your True North

This is about the clarity that gives you the confidence to know your true direction, one that aligns with your both your self and your soul plan in this life. 

What you need to feel fulfilled 

What gives meaning and grounds you

The innate gifts you are here to use

What you really need from others, and where you need to grow

What your comfort zone and zone of genius is

Tell me how you would feel if you had this kind of clarity at your fingertips?

That when you had small dilemmas and big decisions, you had the confidence to know the choice that is going to lead you to fulfillment. 

I'm not saying there won't be fear or resistance (thank your Human Self) but really understanding who you are, what motivates you and what matters most to you, helps you to move forward no matter what. 

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