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Wendy Burch 

Intuitive Change Consultant

Clarity, Confidence, Change

The Vision Forum: 

‚ÄčThis Is How You Become Her

We all have someone we dream of Becoming. 

Do you ever wonder, with all you've accomplished, why you're not happy? 

Why you are so exhausted, unfulfilled, or frustrated that you question is it worth it? 

As long as we measure our worth by something or someone 

out there that is how we will feel. 

You Matter. 

Maybe you are at a crossroads where the cycle of life you had known, 

and loved, just doesn't fit anymore. 

It's your turn.

If this is something you struggle with I invite you to change your compass. 

To rediscover what brings you fulfillment now

and what keeps you from it. 

I invite you to This Is How You Become Her. 



Via Email

What Clients Say~

"I couldn't have made these changes without you and the group, thank you!!"

"The level of insight and guidance I received from The Vision Forum truly transformed my life!"

"The group format of the Vision Forum left me feeling lifted and energized after each meeting, I am a private person, so that was a happy surprise. I felt safe and supported when I shared personal progress, and felt a genuine connection with the participants. Being a part of the Vision Forum, and doing the work, has been the spark that's given me a glimpse of the future I want to have and the inner confidence to create the path, the vision, to get there. I'm very grateful and think working with Wendy through the Vision Forum is the best investment anyone can make for themselves and their future."

"Being a part of the Vision forum has improved my life in so many ways. I have found focus, I have identified and am shifting away from negative habits I have had for a long time. And most importantly, I have created a vision who I would like to become. If I had not committed to working with Wendy for six months, I would not be in the place I am today. I feel strong, hopeful and proud of myself." 

The Vision Forum: This Is How You Become Her

The Vision Forum: This Is How You Become Her 

A 6 month private mastermind group program to change your life from the inside out.

~discover and practice life changing secrets to becoming and living Her.

~where you'll learn things about yourself you never knew, connect the dots, overcome fears and love yourself more.

~where you'll get the support and accountability to get unstuck and move you forward.

~where you'll get the additional magic of an intuitive and spiritual life coach, guide and muse.

~where you'll see yourself in others, create a trusted tribe and be excited to see everyone and even be seen in each next meeting.

~with many surprises, extras, and goodies along the way!

Invite your friends!

Your monthly subscription of $74 a month for 6 months includes

All meetings 2x a month, plus extras!

Class PDF's for notes and homework.

2~30 min coaching sessions with me for clarity and private support 

A private Facebook group for replays, assignment support and a safe place 

to share the love!

What an inspiring way to navigate these crazy, overwhelming and yet gifted times, into 2021, to make sure you are on your highest path and in sync with yourself and Spirit. 

We begin August 17th - You do need an email invitation.  Register below.

August 15th- Final registration‚Äč

August 17th - Launch of first private class

We meet every other Monday Night at 7:30 pm PST, 60-90 minutes.

End date: January 18, 2021

By membership onlysubscription $74 monthly.

Come see why you're worth it. It's your turn. It's your time. 

Use either of the links to secure your membership enrollment. 

Please choose the Pay "monthly" option. 

I'll get a notice and then I will send you important info. 

Congratulations!! Get ready to Become Her!

Register Here:

About Me

As an intuitive guide and mentor for over 30 years I have supported so many women (and men) in unlocking the doors to their true selves. Freedom.

 I believe we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and to really experience our potential we must learn how to tap into our unique, creative power as Women, co-creators and Spiritual Beings. To do that we must develop a relationship with ourselves and Spirit, have awareness of our limiting and unhealthy beliefs, and know what we need to heal and overcome them. And finally, we must understand the nature of change 

and have the support we need and deserve to give it a chance. 

I am a mother of 4, 3 daughters and a son. My oldest daughter has my 2 grand-babies. I am a writer and live near the ocean in Monterey. 

I am currently without a dog or any grown children sleeping on my couch. It feels weird.

I look forward to working with and supporting you in your journey of Becoming Her.